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License B ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO 18001:2007

About us

BIGMAK was founded in 1989 and more than 25 years successfully work in the construction industry.

With lots of effort invested and honest work BIGMAK over the years has become one of the leading companies in the production industry, selling and installing profiled corrugated sheet metals, complete sheet metal haberdashery, steel construction, production of dry construction elements and other sheet metal elements, sheet metal slitting, cutting and installing sandwich panels for roofs and facades, solar panel installation etc.

Today, the company has more than 40 employees, 10 permanent cooperants, 2 own modern plants with workshops with new modern machines, and own fleet.

Finished projects - weeding hall in Vizbegovo


  • Roll forming machine with two BIGMAK profiles TR 32/198 и TR 17/138, which can be used for profiling all types of sheet metal with unlimited length and millimeter accuracy. Sheet metal color is upon customer’s request.
  • New Roll forming machine with BIGMAK profile TR 4/75 for profiling sheet metal with unlimited length upon customer’s request.
  • BIKMAK places anti-condensation felt material on sheet metals by machine pasting.
  • Press brake for production of sheet metal gallery: gutters, ridge pieces, weather strips, and other sheet metal elements up to 8 meters long.
  • Roll forming machine for production of UD, CD, UW and CW profiles for construction of gypsum board panels and other dry construction elements.
  • Machine for longitudinal sheet metal cutting (slitting) up to 2 mm gauge, and band width upon customer’s request.
Also, BIGMAK is one of the oldest and biggest representatives of renowned Austrian company RIGIPS & ISOVER and in its program offers their products.

BIGMAK in its program also offers production of galvanized profiles for enhancing PVC profiles of all known PVC program producers: REHAU, SALAMANDER, TROCAL, VEKA, PLUSTEC, NEISS PROFIL, as well as production of requested dimensions with gauge from 0.7 to 1.5 mm.